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The Other Side of Africa

The Other Side of Africa

For years (and still) Europeans and Americans call the African continent as Dark Continent. But poverty and food crisis is not the African monopoly. These two remain major problems in many parts of the world. On the positive side, Africa is also bestowed with great wealth and jaw-dropping natural wonders that are worth seeing.

Like many Asian, European and American countries, Africa too have areas dominated by the rich and wealthy men. Here are some of the pics from different parts of Africa that may compel you to change the image that you carry in your mind.

Mansion in Gabon

South Africa

Accra , Ghana

Cape Town , South Africa

Cape Town again


Reunion Island South, Eastern Africa

Reunion Island South Eastern Africa



Bejaia , Algeria - North Africa

This is where the equator pass thru in Sao Tome Island , West Africa

Road to Lubango , Angola

Housing estate in Accra , Ghana

Cabo Verde , Cape Verde

Obudu Resort , Nigeria

If you thought the houses in Ghana where spectacular then you will be speechless with this house in Nigeria. A Mansion under construction in Nigeria

Row houses in Nigeria

House in Abuja , Nigeria

Seychelles Island

Kampala , Uganda

South Africa

Aerial view of Annobon Island , Equitorial Guinea ......beautiful

Yes, we also enjoy ourselves on the weekend and dont languish in poverty

Presidential Palace , Ghana

Mansion in Trasacco Valley , Accra-Ghana....where the wealthy live

House in Accra-Ghana

President Obama and his African roots

President Obama in his African roots


Tunis , Tunisia

Harare International Airport , Zimbabwe

River Nile in Egypt

Bush in Rwanda

Alexandria , Egypt

Nairobi , Kenya

Nairobi , Kenya . Windsor Golf and Country Club with Nairobi skyline in the background

Hilton Hotel, Yaounde-Cameroon

Event being hosted in Ghana . In Ghanaian Tradition a royal is carried by four bearers in a seat as you see in this picture

A hotel in Khartoum , Sudan

The cable cars at the beach in Durban , South Africa

Regular Occurrence: A sandstorm over Khartoum , Sudan . After all , it is a city in the desert...

Aerial view of Khartoum , Sudan

The Wavehouse at Gateway Mall, Durban , South Africa , we really have that in Canada

Mall in South Africa

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of SA's mega malls. (125 000m2)

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of SA's mega malls. (125 000m2)

Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and one of SA's mega malls. (125 000m2)

Cairo - Egypt

Cairo - Egypt

Hurghada - Egypt

National Stadium-Dares Salaam in Tanzania with the practice field right outside

City of Dares Salaam-Tanzania

Beyonce shakin' her leg as usual in Tanzania !

Church in Abuja , Nigeria

Mansion in South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge , South Africa

Port Elizabeth , South Africa

Mall in Nairobi , Kenya

More Niarobi

Village Market, Nairobi

Holiday spot in Mombasa , Kenya

Kakum National Park GHANA !

Serena Hotel ( Kampala , Uganda )

Pink Lake , the only one in the world, Senegal

Cape Town - South Africa

The Gambia

The Gambia sick house


Eastgate mall Harare Zimbabwe

Gold Reef City ! South Africa

City of the Sun! South Africa

Gilloolys interchange, Johannesburg, south africa

A small island on Lake Victoria , Kenya

Glacier near the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro , Tanzania (and they said u couldnt see snow in Africa !)

Mauritius Island


Horn Blowers

Traditional Ghanaian Drummers open for the African Cup of Nations(CAN 2008) in Accra , Ghana

African design architecture, Cameroon

The Palms, Lagos , Nigeria

Windhoek , Namibia

Windhoek , Namibia . was colonized by Germany . see the influence?

SEYCHELLES Islands lodge

House in Ghana

House in Gambia

SUN CITY , South Africa

Palace of the Lost City in SUN CITY , South Africa (Africa's answer to Las Vegas )

Johannesburg , South Africa aka 'Egoli', the wealthiest city in Africa

Downtown Johannesburg , South Africa

A house in a quiet Accra Suburb ( Ghana )

The richest city in Africa ( Sandton Square ) in Johannesburg , South Africa

New buildings in Gaborone , Botswana

Mansions in Gaborone , Botswana

House in Accra , Ghana

The biggest church building in the world. Cathedral in Yamassoukro , Ivory Coast ( Cote D'Ivoire )

Resort in Gambia

White sands Resort , Kenya

Trasacco Valley Estates in Accra, Ghana (where the rich live)

Apartment living on Victoria Island , Lagos-Nigeria

Middle class housing in Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria

Apartment building in Lagos , Nigeria

This road is called Devils Elbow in Cross River State , Nigeria (it leads to a Ranch/Resort)

Al-Fatih Hotel in Khartoum , Sudan

Benghazi , Libya

Middle class suburb in Rwanda

Pretoria , South Africa

Cape Town , South Africa

Ilheu das Rolas Resort, Sao Tome and Principe (off the coast of western Africa )

Main shopping street in Windhoek , Namibia (Southern Africa )

Cairo , Egypt (Northern Africa)

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