Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Activities...!! Good One



wakeup in the morning, go to LOO to do ##%$&, brush teeth, bath (if not late to office or deo-mine or roomies is OK), search for the most clean clothes out of the bunch of muddy ones, dressup (after applying some more deo), oh my god bus is again late, take an auto to reach the stop, get on the bus (now actually the brain starts working - forgot my mobile, wallet, hanky etc. etc.), reached office (brain stops working now),

oh its only 9 yaar, chk some mails (shift + del good morning mails), have brkfst, do some fwds, oh god mail frm onsite- another bug, arey yaar when are these bugs going to bug off.
chalo its 1 now, we'll see the bugs after lunch.

1-2 yaar falana guy is getting 7 ka pckg with same exp, what the heck are we doing here, when am I going to switch yaar.

2 o clock back on the seat, yaar aaj kuch zyaada kha liya, take a quick nap of 1 hr. mgr calling on mobile, bloody 1 on 1 session again.

3.30 mgr face to face, u havent done well in this quarter, me still thinking abt switch(yaar 7 ka pckg),

4.00: now work starts, oh yaar ye kis ch**** ne coding kari hai,

4.30-5.00 chai time, more discussions on switching.

5.15 bug fixing started,

6.30 bug fixing continues,

7.45 bug fixing continues,

9.00 oh yaar night out again and that bloody mgr says I dont work,

9.23 bug fixed at last. oh god 9.30 ki bus(next bus at 11.30), still need to mail to onsite,

9.27 oh mailed (lock the computer, dont switch off, lot of unsaved data),
caught the bus at 9.32 after asking the gatekeeper to stop it for me.

10.30 reached home (no shop open now, get that life sucking fried rice again).

11 watch some TV (yaar ye TB6 band karke to hamari neend haram kar di hai - anyways lets see some star world (bikini destinations)).

1 AM: yaar kal se jaldi soyenge, subah nahi utha jaata, need to join gym as well, waist is turning into an MRF tyre.


1-3.45 AM: sahi movie hai yaar HBO pe, uff this week was really long, abe chup kar saale ( roomie snoaring), bhookh lag rahi hai, gud, bread jam and some thumsup is there.

4.00 AM: gud movie released this friday, go for a morning show tomm.( shit man only 5 hrs sleep, anyways baad mein soyenge).

9.15 AM got up for movie. oh man 15 minutes to start the show still need to buy the tickets

9.30 AM oh these must be the last tickets they wud be having (got the tckts)

1.00 PM lunch, aaj to KFC or pizza hut, so many days havent had gud food

2.00 PM window shopping abhiyan chalu

3.00 PM continues

4.00 PM continues

5.00 PM continues

6.00 PM chal yaar ek shirt le hi lete hain, oh god jo shirt pasand aayi thi that is at some other place which is too far, kal jaa ke lenge.

7.00 PM continues

8.00 PM ghar se call, oops kitne din ho gaye baat nahi ki, haan mamma I was too busy this week(on phone), bas resume daal diya hai, achhci company se response aayega to switch marunga back to home ( achchi means koi bhi company se response).

9.00 PM bahut din ho gaye daaru nahi pi, kaisa roomie hai saala na daaru peeta hai na murga khaata hai, jeeta kaise hai
yaar stomach upset, must be coz of pizza, aaj to khichdi hi khaani padegi.

10.00 PM chal yaar aaj hindi movie dekhte h ain achchi si, oh koi bhi achchi movie nahi aa rahi, lets surf, koi game vame khelte hain, chatting karte hain, oh mast ladki online, abe yaar ye kya kar raha hai is time (friend pinging), yaar I am preparing a presentation, talk 2 u latr.(continue chat with the grl)